About Us

Kitchen & Bath in Orange County is your personal team of thoughtful and mindful professionals, ready to go the extra mile to accomplish our mission: simplify the process of remodeling or adding a kitchen and/or bathroom and together—elevate your home for you and your loved ones.

Our Customer’s Happiness is Our Success!

Kitchen & Bath in Orange County understands the importance of home—a place of sharing the personal reflection of yourself, and with over twenty-five years devoted in kitchen and bathroom design and construction, Kitchen & Bath in Orange County has the experience—from simple to complex customer satisfaction. Starting with the first meeting, you can already feel the personalized gentle handling of every aspect of the project.

Knowing how daunting kitchen and bathroom projects are and the great deal of effort that goes into the structure of planning and transforming your living space—any interior or exterior component of your home—it is important to have a team working just for your needs. From the permits and city regulations, engineering, customization, plumbing, tools, heating and cooling, flooring, water protection, installation and cleaning guides process, cabinetry, kitchen island, bathtub, lighting, and modernization, to the buying, selecting, and pricing of the materials, warranties—from concept to completion, you are covered.

Kitchen & Bath in Orange County optimizes time and energy—obtaining all necessary city permits for every project detail, and throughout each stage. All city fees and permits are being handled with the utmost consideration, responsibility and care, for your protection and to ensure a smooth process in order to finish the project to perfection, and on time.

Evolving with time and utilizing past experiences in favor of building a better future together, is precisely why for many years we have improved, and will continue to improve upon our methods to fit the budget and quality—challenging our own expectations, as well as exceeding the expectations of each and every customer.

Hand-picked contractors, project managers and crews are being trained seasonally. They are well informed with the climate and the materials providing greater efficiency, that perfectly fit the needs of any project within any climate, and Orange County is no exception. Every project has requirements to fulfill the needs and desires of our customers. From plumbing to flooring, framing, windows and doors, insulation, and corrosion protection, they will ensure every detail is considered, and your kitchen and bathroom will be enjoyed, and enhance your life for the years to come.

From start to finish, your personal design and elevating team of professionals ensure that you will get the balance from everything you need, everything you want, and achieving more than what you expect in crafting your dream bathroom—a delightful sanctuary or creating your dream kitchen—the envy of every chef.

Make your home an experience. Kitchen & Bath in Orange County develops a relationship with you, as well as everyone on your architectural team, personalizing the addition, remodeling, or construction of tailoring and designing your kitchen and/or bathroom(s) in your home—crafting your ultimate home experience—creating memories that will endure for a lifetime.

Thank you for the honor and the privilege of allowing our family to serve your family.

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